The first key to a winning team is leadership. A strong leader is one that demonstrates integrity and competence. Our leader, President James Michel, ready to be elected for another five year mandate is someone that people trust and love.
He  inspires others to understand and embrace his vision which is why he has always held a team that wins- the team has strong leadership. President Michel is a strong leader who inspires the people to follow him.
President Michel and his running mate, Mr. Danny Faure is a united team in purpose and in spirit who work hard for the development of Seychelles. His running mate has proven himself and if President Michel is the architect for the past 11 years then Mr. Faure has been his engineer. This means that Mr. Faure has a track record and together they’ve proven, during the past decade that they have worked alongside each other and brought tremendous progress in the country.
 It is the winning team which has transformed Seychelles and turned it into a high income country.  Much has been done and much more needs to be done. President Michel is seeking a final mandate to consolidate on his achievements and propel Seychelles to greater heights.
Today, we have a stable economy and we need a strong and stable leadership to ensure that the economy continues in the right direction for more prosperity and progress.
Among all the candidates contesting this coming election, President Michel is the only one who has a vision and a plan. Parti Lepep is the only party which can be trusted. More than ever Parti Lepep has unity and solidarity, and more than ever the opposition is divided.


President Michel is seeking his third and last mandate. “I’m not doing it because I have a thirst for power; I’m doing it because I have to continue with the work I have started. I have the experience in which you can trust. What we have achieved together is testimony of the confidence invested in me and we will continue to work together.  I have the strength, energy and desire to work for the good of Seychelles. We do not need to start over. Things can only get better for the new Seychelles and I ‘m ready to work for the people of Seychelles,” President Michel has said.